Princess Diana and Prince Charles's story started as a fairytale romance, but went down the hill over the years before it ultimately ended in divorce. The late British royal was a believer in the power of the planets, and regularly consulted an astrologer, Debbie Frank, who recently said that the Prince and Princess of Wales were incompatible.

Frank, who is featured in a new PBS documentary about Diana, revealed that she came into contact with the Princess through one of her clients who thought the royal could benefit from some astrological insights. The client told Frank that Diana "really needs someone who is more empathic because she seems to be getting a lot of input from people who tell her crazy things and then that makes her crazy."

"So Diana just called me up one February in 1989," Frank recalled about their initial introduction which was followed by phone conversations several times a week. They met for lunch for the first time in June that year, followed by regular meetings and phone calls throughout the next eight years until Diana's untimely death in 1997. Frank said that she and Diana had become "very close friends" and remained so until the tragedy, reports Town & Country magazine.

Frank recounted about her conversations with the royal, "She was going through a very difficult time in her marriage because her husband was having an affair with Camilla and nobody really knew about it and she felt desperate. She felt kind of locked into something that was not what it looked like."

"She was a young girl who just needed guidance and help managing her feelings, more than anything. I think she felt herself to be very disempowered at that time because it was just expected that she should just get on with it," Frank continued, adding that this is why she decided to look into Diana and Charles's astrological charts.

The astrologer said she and Diana would try to find answers to questions like, "Why he was like this? And what was the point of all this? And would he stay with Camilla? Would he stay like this or might he develop?"

Ultimately, they came to the conclusion that Charles was "a very different person from Diana" due to which they were not compatible. She explained, "Looking at Charles's chart, he's a Taurus moon. "This is very stubborn. It's very fixed. It's very unchanging. Whereas Diana had a moon in Aquarius, which is very people-oriented–someone who wants to move with the times. They were really very different."

Contrary to Charles and Diana's relationship, the match of their eldest son Prince William to Kate Middleton was written in the stars according to astrology. Frank said that Kate's tradition-upholding nature as a Capricorn sun sign makes her a great fit for the royal family because she's inclined to maintain the status quo, even though her sign is opposite to Prince William who is a Cancer like Diana.

"She's able to contain herself within that institution. But the opposites attract. Plus, Kate's moon sign is Cancer, so they have that in common. There's definitely this big magnetic connection between Kate and William," she said.

Princess Diana
25 October 1991: Princess Diana and Prince Charles are pictured looking unhappy during a visit to Toronto, Canada Tim Graham/Getty Images