Princess Martha Louise of Norway recently opened up about her plans to move to the United States to be with her boyfriend Durek Verrett, and also confirmed that there are no wedding plans in place as of now.

In a recent interview with Norwegian newspaper VG, the royal confirmed that she wants to settle in Los Angeles, where her Shaman boyfriend has lived for many years. Her three daughters whom she has with ex-husband Ari Behn will also be accompanying her.

The Princess has not yet decided upon a date for her relocation, as moving is difficult amid the coronavirus pandemic. She is also keeping her villa in Oslo as she will visit her native land and family often even after moving to California.

"Right now there is Covid and it is difficult to plan, but we plan to move with time. The children will of course join me. We will keep the home in Lommedalen anyway. We must have a home in Norway. We'll still be here a lot. We can not leave beautiful Norway completely," she told the outlet.

The decision comes at a time when the royal is having to spend months away from her partner for the second time since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The two have not seen each other since he left Norway just after Christmas.

"He is in Los Angeles, and now we do not know when we will see each other again," she said.

The 49-year-old had previously revealed that one of the reasons that influenced her decision to move was that Durek, who is a well-known spiritual healer in LA with a huge celebrity following, feels badly treated in her country and no longer wants to settle there. When asked about it during an interview with TV2, she said: "Yes, it may be that we end up there (US) eventually."

Princess Martha, the only daughter and eldest child of King Harald and Queen Sonja, will soon appear in a new reality TV series with her daughters- Maud Angelica, 17, Leah Isadora, 15, and Emma Tallulah, 12. Shaman Durek might also appear in the series as he has been visiting Norway during the filming.

While the couple has decided to live together now, they are not thinking about getting married, even though Durek had confirmed in an interview last year that he had been planning to propose.

He told Vanity Fair that he began the planning around Christmas of 2019, decided to do it during their trip to Hawaii in February of 2020, and received the blessing of her parents King Harald and Queen Sonja as well. However, he had to drop the plans after Martha's ex-husband Ari Behn took his own life on Christmas Day.

The Princess, who said in October last year that she and her daughters are a "family in grief," has now denied that she has any plans to tie the knot for the second time. When asked in her recent interview if a wedding is imminent, she said: "No, it is not," refusing to give any further explanation.

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Ari Behn and wife Princess Martha Louise pictured together in June 2015 Getty