Jail escape
Rakem Lennox and Harley Davidson escaped from jail for a few hours to meet their girlfriends and smoke pot on Wednesday (11 October). Choctaw County Jail

A pair of inmates reportedly broke out of jail to visit their girlfriends and smoke weed, but then headed back to the jail for "lights out".

Inmates Harley Davidson and Rakem Lennox felt they needed a break from their jail in Hugo, Oklahoma for a couple of hours after executing an elaborate plan. They waited for the jail guards to leave the area around their room before sneaking to another area of the jail.

According to the Mirror, the men then proceeded to steal a laundry room key and snuck out around 10.30pm on Wednesday (11 October).

The inmates visited their girlfriends and smoked weed for a couple hours before heading back at the jail.

"They got the key to the laundry room door while jailers were busy in other parts of the jail," Choctaw County Sheriff Terry Park wrote on a Facebook post.

"Both took off to see their girlfriend's [sic] and smoke weed. Both walked back to the jail between 12.00 to 12.30am."

Davidson and Lennox were in jail for drug possession but may face additional charges, The Mirror reported.