Journalists and human rights campaigners protested outside the Egypt embassy in London to demand the release of three Al Jazeera journalists one year on from their incarceration.

The three journalists, Australian Peter Greste, Canadian-Egyptian Mohamed Fahmy, and Egyptian Baher Mohamed, were charged with working with the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Leading the London protest of around 60 people was Al Jazeera anchor and reporter Sue Turton, who was found guilty in absentia in Egypt earlier this year.

"I suppose all of us thought when they were first arrested that it would just be a matter of days before they were released or deported, or that it would all go away. As the year has gone on I am still incredulous to be honest with you and I suspect that they have just sat there thinking 'When will this end?' Everybody believes that they will be freed eventually, I don't think people believe that we will still be looking at sort of seven to ten year prison sentences, but we have said that all year and all year people have said 'Oh they will be out soon, they will be out soon' - well they're not. They're still in prison," she said.

"There are lots of rumours that there may be a pardon, that they may be deported, but until those rumours become a reality we have to keep things like this going. We are not going to go away, we will keep the pressure up and until you open those prison doors, this is the image that will be shown around the world of Egypt," Turton added.