Prudential have gained along along with the FTSE 100 today after it emerged that their deal with AIA has been put on hold by the FSA.

Whilst shares in the insurance firm have fallen almost 40 pence from 600 since the deal was announced, they gained 26.50 pence in early trades today.

The move appears to lack investor support having shed heavily and gained today following the FSA's announcement that it would be looking into Prudential / AIA's capital in order that it may withstand economic shocks.

Having been embarrassed after authorising Royal Bank of Scotland's bid for ABN Amro and Pearl's takeover of the former Resolution group - both of which led to downfalls of the bidders due to overpaying, the FSA is keen to ensure this cannot happen again.

Prudential meanwhile, are playing down any possible negative effects this minor 'technical' delay may have, however won't be able to publish any 'prospectus' until discussions with the FSA are over.

Shares in the company were up 4.46 pct, 24.50p by 9:51am.