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Sony has revealed several key updates planned for the System Software 4.00 update for its PS4 console Sony

Sony has detailed some of the features of its next major PS4 update. The comprehensive System Software 4.00 update, codenamed "Shingen", includes several key changes to the PlayStation 4's UI to make the interface "more refined and easy to use."

The details were revealed in a blog post by the vice president of PlayStation Brand Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment of America, John Koller.

The post notes that those who signed up for the beta testing programme will be able to download from tomorrow (16 August). Koller also states that more features and a public launch date will be announced "in the coming weeks."

The current crop of changes sees Sony address the lack of organisation options – which it refers to as one of the "big requests" – with the introduction of Folders for grouping content in both the Library and the PS4's content launcher.

Other changes include windowed Quick Menu and Share Menu screens which now only cover a small area of the screen, a UI refresh that features new system backgrounds, a revised What's New tab, updated popup notifications and redesigned system icons and offline Trophy viewing.

Here is the full list of updates revealed on the US PlayStation Blog:

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