Hot on the heels of a blob of glue that looks a bit like Homer Simpson, there is now a potato crisp that apparently resembles the Quagmire character from Family Guy.

Food resembling celebrities and TV characters is nothing knew - we've all seen some toast that looks a bit like Jesus, or maybe Elvis, but to be honest we're struggling with this one.

Quagmire crisp
There\'s some weird stuff on eBay sometimes.... Credit: eBay

Thai seet chilli in flavour - not that you would ever ear it, of course - the crip looks "exactly like Quagmire from Family Guy" according to Dom Stapleton who is selling the crisp; and don't worry about losing or breaking it, the Quag-crisp comes in a perspex display case, "so you can show it off to your friends."

And what friends they must be.

The crips is currently going for £150,000 after getting 89 bids just hours after appearing on the auction website; bidding finishes at 1:15pm on 6 February, so you have got plenty of time to gather that not-insignificant lump of cash together.

Finally, the crisp is still in date and is apparently "air tight", so if you fancy a nibble on a £150,000 crisp vaguely resembling a cartoon character, then you're in luck.