With the two species of orangutan both critically endangered, a day that spreads awareness (World Orangutan Day Friday 19 August) and calls for action are ever important. The populations of the two species (we won't tell you what they are as it's about to come up...) have declined rapidly in the last few decades.

Orangutans – Pongo abelii and Pongo pygmaeus – are tree dwelling apes that rarely spend time on the ground.

Their ability to mimic human action also shows their impressive intelligence and dexterity.

Numerous charities and conservation groups are trying to work to save the great ape from an extinction that some say could happen within the next 50 years.

Here at IBTimes UK, we like to spread awareness with one of our favourite things – animal facts.

So if you think you know your orangutan species; if you think you have a good idea where orangutans sleep at night - try your luck with our quiz. How much do you really know about orangutans?