Elephant calves play at Amboseli
Elephant calves play at the Amboseli National Park Getty

Like most of our favourite animals, myths and tales about elephants abound. Are they really scared of mice? Do they actually remember everything? If we look to cartoons and apocryphal facts, we sure think we know the answers.

But on World Elephant Day, we here at IBTimes UK don't want to continue the spread of false information – we're all about the elephacts. If you think you know your Asian Elephant from your African Elephant, your trunk from your boot, test your knowledge with our quiz.

Let's start off with some facts about the day itself – first organised in 2012, 12 August is a day for raising awareness about the plight faced by elephants the world over and is now supported by over 65 wildlife organisations – including the Humane Society, Born Free, and a host of elephant charities and pressure groups.

So, an elephant might never forget you but how much do you really know about them?