If a packet promises you 12 mini sausage rolls, you expect it to contain 12. Not 3. A tweet showing misleading and "brazen" Quorn packaging has gone viral, after confusing customers over the number of pastry treats you actually get. The vegetarian food company has now promised to change things in the coming new year.

Dan Douglas shared a photo of the packaging on Twitter on Saturday (2 December) and clearly people agreed it was misleading, as the post quickly received 22,000 retweets and 48,000 likes.

He simply said: "have u ever seen anything so brazen." The photos attached to the tweet showed a 12 pack of Quorn sausage rolls which, when zoomed in, actually says in small print that the enclosed is "12 mini rolls when cut into 4's". So really, there are three individual sections of sausage roll, albeit perforated ready for cutting.

Douglas compared it to someone offering you a six-pack of fun-size Mars bars, then handing you a single regular Mars bar.

A Quorn spokesperson was shown the tweet by IBTimes UK, and agreed it appeared confusing, promising to change it when the next opportunity for new packaging arises.

They said: "Having seen the comments from consumers over the weekend, we agree that the product descriptor has the potential to cause confusion. We therefore plan to change the descriptor when we next print the packaging in the new year."

Some pointed out on Twitter, however, that the logic worked in a positive way too. Rob King said: "That works the other way though. 'How many sausage rolls did you eat?' 'Just the one'." Kev said: "By this logic you can neck a bottle of wine in one go and it only counts as a glass I think." And another user said: "Technically, anything is a 12-pack* by this 'logic'."

Going the other way, Emperor Bob said: "Bet it could be a 24 pack if you actually put effort into this."

A few users defended Quorn, however. One said it was allowable because the mini sausage rolls were perforated, and another said the packaging was clear so consumers are still able to make an informed choice.