An elderly man was left bruised and bloodied after he reportedly racially abused some black passengers on board a bus in Edgware, London on Tuesday, September 8. A now-deleted Instagram video recorded the violent exchange during which the old man was overpowered by two younger passengers. The Instagram user claimed that the elderly man instigated the fight by calling the younger men "monkeys" and squaring up to them. The post also pointed out that the police had been called by the driver before the racist man was assaulted.

Instagram user @jayjaydax posted a video on the social media platform of two young men attacking an elderly man on a bus. The video has since been deleted from the platform. In the video, the younger black men can be heard asking the elderly passenger if he called them "monkeys." He responds by calling them the racial slur again.

The video then cuts to the part where the verbal confrontation turned physical. The bus is seen stopped reportedly near Enfield. The younger men are seen telling the racist man to step off the bus. The elderly man tells them to get off of the bus instead. Other passengers can be also heard telling the racist man to step off the bus.

Some of the other passengers tried to stand between the elderly man and the younger men. Eventually, the elderly man is seen taking a swing at one of the younger men. This led to a retaliation wherein two of the black men punched the other man in the face and head. Other passengers pulled the attackers off of the racist man. The video ends as the stunned pensioner is seen sitting quietly in his seat with a bump on his head and a black eye.

The Instagram post claimed that the group was standing on the bus when the man pushed the elbow of one of the younger men who was leaning on a hand bar. When he asked why he was pushed, the man reportedly shouted: "Stop talking to me you monkeys."

According to the Daily Mail, other passengers reported the racist man to the bus driver who called the police. However, before the police arrived the verbal argument turned physical. None of the parties involved has been identified. It is unclear if the Metropolitan Police is investigating the incident.

Racist Man on 314 bus
Racist OAP beaten up by two black men on a bus. (representational image) Worldstarhiphop