A shocking video has been released that shows the moment an Irish boxer who was holidaying in Turkey brawled with an entire crowd of people in Istanbul.

In the CCTV footage, the unnamed man, who is wearing a white t-shirt and shorts, can be seen fighting with a large group of people down a street in the Aksaray neighbourhood of the city. The Irish man floors one individual in one punch and kicks another man. The mass of people try to injure the man by felling him with a sticks and a bar stool, but he appears unfazed by their attacks.

The incident is reported to have taken place after the Irish tourist accidentally spilled a fridge full of bottles of water in one of the shops lining the streets. An argument then broke out between the man and the shopkeeper, leading to the brawl taking place in the street outside.

After combating the locals, the tourist was eventually calmed down and left the scene. Both the Irish man and the shopkeepers involved in the brawl are said to have filed separate complaints to police.

Reports in Turkey's Hurriyet Daily News identified the boxer in question as Mohammed Fadel Dobbous, a Kuwaiti-born Irish citizen.