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Valentine's Day is around the corner... and the pressure is on to look good!

Here is good news for all those who want to stay slim, healthy and flaunt those toned bodies... Raspberry Ketones to the rescue!

The fruit itself - the raspberry - is known for its many antioxidant properties and has now been re-discovered as a key ingredient in a fitness and weight-loss diet.

The antioxidants present in the fruit help keep the body functioning properly, despite the natural aging. It also helps relax the blood vessels, which can help avoid heart problems and related disorders.

In a study involving obese lab mice which were given raspberry ketones, it was found that the degree of body fat for the test animals dropped rapidly.

Furthermore, a report on Health Habits found that the raspberry ketones increased the expression and secretion of adiponectin, which is a protein hormone that curbs a number of metabolic processes including glucose regulation and fatty acid catabolism.

A post on Dr. Oz's Web site by Lisa Lynn, a specialist in metabolic disorders and personal training, suggested that raspberry ketones can, in addition to restricting hunger pangs, also block sugars, carbohydrates and fats from adding themselves to your waistline. She also noted that it helped push the body into a fat-burning mode.

The ketone enzyme, in addition, is believed to be a valuable tool to fight weight gain from high-fat diets. Apparently, the ketone interacts directly with the targeted fat cells and is therefore more effective.

Key Benefits as Listed by HealthierPost.com:

The raspberry ketone is a naturally-occurring ingredient, found in the fruit that has been discovered to be a powerful weight-loss tool. More importantly, it is reportedly able to control both weight loss and weight gain.

The additional powers of the raspberry ketone can also be channeled when combined with specific ingredients - like the African Mango extract - to make it an even more powerful weight loss supplement.

Research suggests, when combined with the African Mango Extract, the Acia berry, Reservatrol and apple cider vinegar, the raspberry ketone could even actually increases in its efficiency.

Finally, it is important to know that there are no artificial ingredients in raspberry ketone products and, as of now, no damage to an individual's health or side-effects have been noted.

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