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With the ultimate goal of helping both new and experienced investors achieve financial freedom, real estate mogul Eric Spofford recently launched a new free training program -Cash Flow isKing. This groundbreaking initiative isn't merely a business project; it's an act of "paying it forward," symbolizing Eric's journey from the depths of adversity to the pinnacle of success. Once a homeless drug addict with only two trash bags of clothes, Eric has rewritten his story to become a sober 9-figure earner.

Real Estate Mogul Eric Spofford
Real Estate Mogul Eric Spofford Real Estate Mogul Eric Spofford

Eric Spofford's meteoric rise in the real estate industry is the bedrock of his training program. In an astonishingly short span of less than six months, he constructed a portfolio exceeding 100 Section 8 units. His business acumen didn't stop there. He amassed a 9-figure net worth through savvy investments in business and real estate, culminating in over $100 million in real estate transactions.

The Cash Flow is King training program distillsEric Spofford's hard-earned wisdom into accessible, actionable strategies for real estate investment, with a special focus on Section 8 properties. Why Section 8 properties? Because Section 8 properties yield a higher ROI than any other real estate investment. What's more, during this free training, students learn how to buy their first Section 8 property in under 30 days.

The course is structured around three pivotal secrets that Eric reveals, aimed at democratizing the process of wealth creation through real estate.

SECRET #1 dives into the art of identifying and capitalizing on Section 8 properties. Here, Spofford shares his proven strategies for finding these hidden gems that ensure substantial cash flow and the ability to charge higher-than-average rents. He emphasizes choosing properties that can withstand economic downturns, making them recession-proof, inflation-proof, pandemic-proof, and market-proof. This approach ensures steady income and provides a safety net against market volatility.

SECRET #2 is about overcoming financial barriers to secure Section 8 properties. In this segment, Eric teaches participants how to acquire these valuable assets even with less-than-ideal financial backgrounds. This includes scenarios with bad credit or no credit, and with minimal or no cash upfront. He introduces innovative ways of using other people's money to finance these investments, which opens the doors of real estate investing to those who may have previously considered it beyond their reach.

SECRET #3 addresses one of the most daunting aspects of real estate investment: property management. In this part of the training, Eric unveils methods for efficiently managing properties with minimal effort. He focuses on remote management techniques that can be executed from a smartphone, allowing investors to oversee their properties from the comfort of their living rooms. This secret is particularly appealing to aspiring investors who are concerned about the time and effort traditionally associated with property management.

It's no secret that the program delivers what it promises. The testimonials, like the one below, speak volumes:

"Eric breaks everything down... it's SO EASY... He can show you how to win. If you want to do it from your living room and collect a check every single month... YOU CAN! It's that easy."


The Cash Flow is King training program is more than an educational program on real estate investment; it is an easy-to-follow blueprint revealing how anyone can achieve enormous success by investing in real estate and Section 8 properties. Spots are limited to 100 seats. Secure your spot now.