Fans of Real Housewives Of Atlanta were shocked at seeing Nene Leakes's drastic transformation when the reality star appeared on Watch What Happens Live on 16 June. The 48-year-old TV star not only confessed to getting a second nose job, but also explained the reason behind her new look.

"I had my nose done again. Yes, I did. It was a real medical reason why I had to get it done again," the TV personality explained adding, "My cartilage was growing in my nose, and my tip was touching the top of my lip."

However, when the show's host Andy Cohen pointed out that "medical reasons" are an age-old excuse for the surgery, Nene quickly shot back saying, "I didn't love my nose, and I wanted to do my nose to make it more beautiful for myself."

The reality TV star-turned-actress first went under the knife in 2010, according to reports; making this the second time she has had corrective surgery.

"When I did [it] the first time I only had my nostrils taken in on the side and this time I had more cartilage moved around," she revealed to Cohen. Nene seemed satisfied with the procedure this time around, as she sported her new look on day 13 after the surgery with a bit of a swelling.

However, social media has not been kind to the Glee star and her nose job. She complained of being judged by people: "I got a lot of comments about it too, on my social media. People are constantly judging and picking people apart. It's absolutely horrible. People don't even know what the purpose is," Nene told the talk show host.

Despite all the curiosity and negativity surrounding her surgery, Nene made it clear to viewers that she would ultimately do what was in her interests. "I'm also the kind of girl who will give it to you straight. I got my nose done because first of all, I can. I will. And I'll get it done again if I want to."