This judge let someone off jury duty for the best reason pixabay

An Irish judge excused a 54-year old man from jury duty after he revealed he'd planned a long weekend away with his partner and it was his "first time in love".

Journalist Sarah Jane Murphy shared the conversation, which took place at a Dublin court on Monday (11 December), on Twitter and got 2,000 retweets.

It read:

"Man: I can't serve; I'm away for weekend.

Judge: We don't sit at weekends.

Man: I'm away till Monday. I'm 54, a bachelor & it's my 1st time in love.

Judge: Then you GO and you GO with my blessing.

It was truly an epic moment"

Sarah-Jane reveals that the man hesitantly shared his story at first, but then spoke more confidently.

"The judge broke into a broad smile and the man walked away grinning," she revealed, "The woman beside me turned to me and said, 'Did I imagine that?'"

Twitter users have been commenting that the exchange is like a scene from Richard Curtis' festive romantic comedy Love Actually.

"Is this the ending to Love Actually II?" wrote one, while another said, "This honestly sounds like the ending to a film and it's lovely!"