Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic was heavily criticised for breaking his quarantine in Spain. Last week, he went out of the coronavirus quarantine to visit his pregnant girlfriend in Serbia.

Jovic, along with the rest of the Real Madrid squad, was asked to stay in isolation for fourteen days. The club's decision had come just after a Real Madrid basketball player tested positive for COVID-19.

On Saturday, Jovic admitted that he broke the rules by returning to his home country during the quarantine period.

Consequently, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic threatened to get Jovic arrested if he leaves isolation.

Jovic claimed that no one gave him appropriate instructions related to the quarantine rule. However, he also admitted that he should have been more careful and acted responsibly.

Reportedly, the footballer was permitted by Real's medical department to return home. However, the permission was granted solely on the terms that Jovic self-isolate as soon as he reaches Serbia. But, Jovic completely ignored the terms and celebrated his girlfriend's birthday in Belgrade.

In an interview, Jovic said, "I broke the isolation because I was not aware of the rules. I know it is hard to believe, but it is true. In the country where I come from, and even in Italy, as far as we can see on the Internet, anyone in quarantine can get out throwing trash once a day, going to a pharmacy or a store. It's my fault for not doing better research, but I think it's important that they explain the conditions correctly."

Jovic insisted that his intention was not to blame anyone for his ignorance since he was aware of the importance of self-isolating. The 22-year old Serbia international admitted that he wasn't sure how to behave when in isolation. Jovic is dating 29-year old model, Sofija Milosevic, and they are expecting a baby.

The footballer's decision to fly from Spain to Serbia to reunite with his pregnant girlfriend might be a highly romantic gesture, but government officials are finding it extremely problematic.

Real Madrid Logo
View of Real Madrid's logo after the club was placd in quarantine over the coronavirus Photo: AFP / Franck FIFE

Football in the Europe has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with Italy and Spain being the most affected countries.

More than 7,000 people have died in Italy, while Spain witnessed over 4,000 deaths so far. Spain has at least 56,188 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of now, and the situation is getting worse.