Ever wanted to study at Real Madrid? Well, now you can. A UK college is creating the first ever graduate-exchange programme that lets students study for their degree at the home of the 10-times European champions, the Santiago Bernabéu.

The College of Football Business (UCFB), which offers higher education in the football business, sports and leisure industries, is establishing a new campus at the Santiago Bernabéu to complement its existing sites at Wembley Stadium and Turf Moor in Burnley.

The partnership will allow students to experience the inner workings of Real Madrid, the world's biggest football club, which is valued at $3.26bn (£2.1bn).

Philip Wilson, UCFB provost and chief executive, told IBTimes UK that it is providing students with a unique chance to study the stadium environment of two iconic sporting venues.

"The partnership allows our students to study in the iconic Wembley stadium, then the same at Real Madrid," he said.

"The ability to study at similar but different iconic venues, learn the cultural exchanges or sport in different contexts. At both sites, students will walk into their classroom with their hair standing up on the back of their neck and I don't think there's another education offering that will do that anywhere else in the world," added Wilson.

As well as the new study programme with Real Madrid, UCFB has also announced a new campus at Manchester City's Etihad stadium.