55-year-old Lee Martin Cagle was killed in a horrible crash when 24-year-old Paul Joseph Garcia hit him with his vehicle. The force of the crash drove Cagle's body through the car's windshield but it did not stop Garcia. He drove for half a mile before reaching a nearby beer garden. Police arrested Garcia from the beer garden after following the trail of debris left by the damaged vehicle.

The incident took place in South Austin, Texas around 10:30 pm local time on Saturday night. Witnesses saw a 2014 white Ford Focus hit the pedestrian who was crossing the road with a shopping cart. The vehicle, which had its headlights turned off, did not stop after hitting the man. The impact of the vehicle flung the shopping cart into a cluster of mailboxes hard enough to bend the steel post of the mailboxes.

Upon impact, Cagle entered the vehicle by breaking through the windshield. The crash caused fatal head injuries and Cagle's body was badly mangled. Some of Cagle's body parts had become detached due to the impact. Police discovered Cagle's body parts inside the vehicle as well as on the road.

KXAN shared details of the arrest affidavit. According to the police, Garcia stopped at South Austin Beer Garden. He walked into the beer garden barefoot and was obviously distressed. Staff at the beer garden recall that Garcia was in tears so they tried to calm him down. The beer garden refused to serve Garcia any alcohol.

Police arrived at the beer garden and arrested Garcia. They conducted a sobriety test and found that he was already intoxicated. Garcia has been charged with intoxication manslaughter, in addition to failure to stop and render aid. He is to remain at Travis County Jail until his court date or until he posts bail. His bail has been set at $80,000 (£62,000).

Locals stated that the area has a high number of homeless people and very few crosswalks. The situation makes it dangerous both for pedestrians as well as drivers.

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