AC Milan's David Beckham
AC Milan's David Beckham applauds the crowd as he leaves the pitch after their Champions League last 16, second leg soccer match against Manchester United at Old Trafford in Manchester, northern England March 10, 2010. REUTERS/Darren Staples Reuters

A consortium of wealthy fans are reportedly divided over the way they should lead Manchester United should their £850m bid succeed.

The 'Red Knights' named after the 'Red Devils' team, are apparently unhappy over the extent of media coverage and appear to be failing in their attempts to purchase the club from the Glazers who appear not to be tempted by their offer.

Despite gaining public support in the terraces using Newton Heath colours - green and gold - from which United was formed - the consortium's backers appear unhappy.

The Glazer's received bids in excess of £1.5bn from the Middle East and now appear to be unwilling to sell.

Meanwhile, media reports that any attempts by the Red Knights to buy the club may not be a serious effort have 'angered the consortium'.

A report emerged that they are only making a bid 'to save face' from the fans after the money involved became too small.

An appearance by David Beckham appearing to support them in 'green and gold' has had minimal effect with Piers Morgan describing it as an 'experiment in vanity' for the former England winger.

Jim O'Neill, who formed the consortium, was also repimanded by his company Goldman Sachs for 'dividing his loyalties' between job and personal interests.

Meanwhile other backers, are divided over the way the club the consortium should now go and it appears any attempt to wrest control from the Glazers now appears doomed.

It is understood that the consortium put pressure on season ticket holders not to renew but have fallen on deaf ears.

David Gill, Manchester United chief executive said whilst promoting Manchester United's forthcoming tour in America:

"There haven't been any boycotts. Every game at Manchester United has been sold out. We are envisaging sell-out crowds going forward for United."

Manchester United's first game of the pre-season begins against the MLS all-stars on the 29th July.

"The intensity of the English game is so great that it makes it more difficult for those players to perform well in the World Cup," Ferguson told reporters at a news conference.

"You have to say the number of games, particularly at our level, is exhausting.

"Every game Manchester United play is a Cup final. We have to win, and teams playing against us are motivated to play against Manchester United."

Ferguson said his players competing in the World Cup will be in urgent need of the 28 days of rest they are given before returning to training with United for next season.

"They must have that or they won't feature next year, they'll just collapse. Exhaustion will get them, which makes it difficult for English players to perform well in the World Cup," he added.