A registered sex offender was arrested at a high school music recital after it emerged he had no child relatives taking part in the performance or even attending the school.

Andrew M. Seddon Jr, 37, was placed on the Maine Sex Offender Registry for life after an unlawful sexual contact offence in 2005.

Bangor Daily News reported that he was convicted of sexual contact with a child younger than 12.

On Thursday 13 April Seddon attended a solo and ensemble recital at Wiscasset Middle High School where he was spotted by the school's resource officer Craig Worster.

Worster quizzed Seddon as to why he had attended the event and the ex-convict was unable to provide a satisfactory answer.

Worster then arrested Seddon on multiple charges including being in a child safe zone and violating the conditions of his jail release.

The police release added: "At the time of his release, it is believed that Seddon did not have contact with any child, however, if anyone has reason to believe otherwise please contact Chief Jeff Lange at the Wiscasset Police Department: (US) 882-8203 or at chief@wiscassetpd.org."