A Swedish reporter who walked around the southern Swedish town of Malmö wearing a kippah, or traditional Jewish hat, was subjected to a torrent of antisemitic abuse before he had to flee fearing serious violence.

Sveriges Television on Wednesday screened footage of reporter Petter Ljunggren's walk through areas of Malmö.

In one episode Ljunggren, who was wearing a Star of David pendant as well as the kippah, was sitting outside a café reading a newspaper when several passers-by hurled antisemitic abuse at him, reports Haaretz.

"Jewish devil" and "Jewish shit" were among the insults levelled at him, while another person told him to "get out".

One person approached him to warn him to leave an area for his safety, and in the Rosengard neighbourhood, which has a large Muslim population, Ljunggren was surrounded by a 12 men who hurled anti-Semitic abuse at him, while eggs were hurled at him from the windows of blocks of flats, before he fled the area for his safety.

The experiment replicated one conducted in 2013, when the reporter Patrick Riley drew only strange looks and giggles while secretly filming himself walking through areas of Malmö in a kippah.

A report by the European Union indicated a surge in antisemitic attitudes in Europe in 2013, with authorities in several EU countries recording a rise in antisemitic attacks in 2014.