Isis is said to be gaining ground in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the world but you wouldn't quite expect to see militant 'jihadis' on the streets of quiet suburban Virginia.

A new ad from Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Bryce Reeves speaks ominously about an Isis threat as actors pretending to be 'terrorists' rob someone's home.

"This is the America Obama left behind. Terrorists living here. FBI investigating ISIS nationwide. Frightening families," says Reeves as children play in their front lawn and a mother drops her shopping bag in horror.

Reeves later touts his record as a police officer and plans to defund sanctuary cities.

Democratic opponent Susan Platt said: "The ad is despicable. If he's actually concerned about Virginia's moms and kids, he should drop out and vote for me on June 13.

"I travel across Virginia and never saw terrorists running around neighbourhoods. But I do see a lot of families struggling with addiction."

Twitter user Matt Colt Hall said: "This ad is Grade A fearmongering from @ReevesVA."

In response to questions about the criticism, Reeves's communications director Sam Azzarrelli sent the Daily News links to news articles about terrorism arrests in Virginia and efforts to "plug holes that let terrorists slip in."

The primaries for Virginia lieutenant governor are set to take place on the 13 June.

Reeves is currently losing a fundraising battle to fellow Republican Jill Vogel $650,000 to $1,200,000, according to data from the Virginia Public Access Project.