American Idol
Fox revealed that they plan to end American Idol in 2016, which will mean the show delivered 15 seasons over its 14-year run Reuters

An American Idol reboot has been making the market rounds for a while now and according to the latest reports, ABC is very close to a deal to buy the rights to the singing competition. FremantleMedia and Core Media Group, the co-owners of the show are in talks with the network for a revival that ABC hopes to use to fill in its Sunday night slot.

The competition for the airing rights to the planned reboot has been a long-winded one, with NBC leading the race in 2016. Now, according to Deadline, Fox has also thrown its hat in the ring with an offer to the production company.

The network originally ran 15 seasons of the show beginning in 2002 and became the highest rated show in television from 2003 to 2004. Idol has suffered a loss in viewership over the recent seasons but the numbers are still worth its revival.

According to TMZ, if the show does fall into ABC's lap, Ryan Seacrest may be called on to return as host. The only problem being that he was recently announced as the new co-host of ABC syndicated morning programme Live! with Kelly Ripa. Ryan moved to New York for the gig, and production of American Idol takes place in Los Angeles, which would mean an almost impossible commute back and forth for the 42-year-old.

Former Idol associate musical director Michael Orland believes the show deserves a reboot and suggested that the producers should bring in former winners and finalists as guest judges. "I say, do a reboot and get some of these past Idol performers and not just winners to come sit in the judges' chairs," Orland said. "I think there's more than a handful that would be really great at it."

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It has been hinted that Ryan Seacrest could return to American Idol Reuters