Former One Direction star Louis Tomilson's sister Felicite died from a heart attack following a drug overdose, an inquest heard Wednesday.

Felicite Tomilson, an aspiring fashion designer, was found not moving in her bed by her school friend Zainab Mohammed on the afternoon of March 13. The night before, they had both taken cocaine.

"We both did lines. I went to bed and I saw Fizzy (Felicite) do more lines. I fell asleep. The alarm went off and Fizzy was beside me in the living room. I noticed that her lips were white-ish," Mohammed said as reported by Celebrity.

The coroner called her death a "misadventure", and concluded that there is "no evidence this was a deliberate act to end her life," reports Yahoo.

The inquest was informed that the 18-year-old had become addicted to drugs after her mother's death. Louis Tomilson and his four sisters had lost their mother, Johannah Deakin, to leukaemia in 2016.

Her death was concluded as a result of a 'perfect storm' of drugs. After the toxicologist said oxycodone, cocaine and alprazolam were found in her blood, Coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe asked if the three drugs were together "just a perfect storm", to which the toxicologist agreed.

The teenager was an aspiring fashion designer with 1.3 million Instagram followers. Her father Mark Tomlinson called her "a much-loved daughter and sister" while reading out his tribute at Westminster coroner's court.

"Felicite had huge hopes and aspirations for her future, a lot of which were beginning to come to fruition before her untimely passing. She is missed by all who knew and loved her," Mark Tomlinson said.

Louis Tomlinson
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Former 1D star and her brother Tomlinson took a break from social media following her sister's untimely death and thanked everyone for their support in a Twitter post in April.

Just wanted to thank everyone for their lovely words over the past couple of weeks. Back in the studio today to vocal something I wrote a few months ago. Sending you all loads of love x

— Louis Tomlinson (@Louis_Tomlinson) April 17, 2019

The X Factor judge was not present in the court Wednesday to hear the verdict. However, evidence revealed that he had made multiple attempts to help his sister give up drugs and often accompanied her to doctor's appointments, reports Yahoo.