Revenge Season 3 Finale
Emily is sobbing over the death of some one close to her heart? Revenge/Facebook

The finale of Revenge Season 3 is just four episodes away and Emily VanCamp (Emily Thorne) has already revealed a shocking spoiler about the death of a character close to her in the ABC drama.

The actress disclosed a major spoiler from the finale episode 'Execution' in an interview to The New York Daily News.

"Today, I was sobbing over the death of one of our characters," VanCamp said. "Then I'm going to do a massive fight sequence. You sort of put yourself through these emotional journeys."

Which character's death would leave Emily in tears? In the drama, Emily has only two persons close to her heart -- her childhood love Jack Porter and trusted friend Nolan Ross.

VanCamp even spoke of her 'massive fight sequence' and we suspect it is the battle driven by rage after she lost the person she loved.

Meanwhile, Victoria is all set to unleash her evil side to stop Emily from reaching for the truth.

Emily, on the other hand, is getting closer to unravelling the mysteries by putting the pieces of the puzzle together. So, is it Victoria who puts Emily's loved ones in danger?

All questions will be answered with an assured 'heartbreak' moment during the finale of Revenge Season 3 'Execution, which will be aired on 11 May. The finale episode is written by Sunil Nayar. Stay tuned with a box of tissues.

The next episode of Revenge Season 3 titled 'Blood' airs this Sunday night and the official synopsis reads:

"Emily helps Aiden face his demons as Victoria seeks out a familiar face. Investigations into Pascal lead Emily and Aiden to uncover some long buried family secrets, while Victoria pays a surprise visit to former ally Mason Treadwell as she gets ever closer to exposing Emily."

Catch the sneak peek here: