Looks like the cast and crew of Revenge is all set to film the fourth and possibly the final season of the popular series.

Latest images of the Revenge team surfaced online as they assembled for a reading of Season 4's premiere episode titled 'Renaissance'.

The show will get a fresh start as David Clarke comes back and Victoria Grayson gets out of the mental institution, reports Air Herald.

"The first episode of season 4 will likely stir up even more questions as Emily's father was not expected to return until the end of the season 3 finale," states the report.

Renaissance is written by showrunner Sunil Nayar and producer Sallie Patrick, and so far a screenshot of the episode has been released by Patrick via Twitter.

Reportedly, this is going to be the show's last season and while some fans are devastated, most agree that the makers should not drag on the story any further than they need to.

"If they are truly planning on letting the series end with season four then we can only hope they do it the right way, and go out with a bang," states the Air Herald report.

Revenge Season 4 will return with its premiere episode in September 2014.