Revenge Season 4
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Revenge Season 4 will premiere in September this year and fans are anxious to know what will be Emily's reaction when she learns about her father.

Emily's revenge saga stared after she held the Graysons, particularly Victoria, responsible for the death of her father David Clarke.

During the finale of season 3, Emily sends Victoria to the mental asylum after the later killed Aiden, Emily's only love.

But the return of David will turn Emily's world upside down and she will question her own identity.

TV Line reports that Victoria will meet a new character named Phyllis (Yeardley Smith) in the mental asylum and the meeting will lead to huge shockers in the future episodes of ABC's thriller drama.

David's entry, however, will equally affect Victoria as both the women were fighting all these seasons because of him.

Fans are expecting the season premiere to feature a major showdown between Emily and her father.

"The season premiere is going to be full of surprises, full of unexpected payoffs to our cliffhangers," show-runner Sunil Nayar told TV Fanatic.

"I think the big question that we're looking to answer this year as Emily and Victoria and as David comes back this year that people are asked to change who they are yet again and that is really the battle of who people have been," he added.

Nayar also teased about a small time jump ahead of the fourth season and David's back story.

"We want our audience learning who David is along with our characters in some ways, so we didn't feel like burning off a lot of the story because we have some wonderful story to tell, but it'll be a slow burn. You'll get your answers in sort of little bits and pieces, where he's been and what he's done over the last ten years," he said.

Revenge Season 4 will premiere on 28 September this year on ABC.