Human trafficking is a multi-million pound business, with victims often ending up in the sex trade. (
Global estimates say there are between 20 and 30 million men, women and children trapped in slavery all over the world (Bawso)

A hoax story about a rich father from Atlanta who bought an African man as a toy for his 13-year-old son has sparked outrage in Nigeria.

The news was reported by, a website notorious for its hoaxes and satirical news stories.

The latest report concerns Wallace Turnquist, a supposed wealthy American who went on a hunting safari to Africa with his son Skyler in 2014.

The story claims that during the safari tour Skyler found the local people "funny", and Wallace bought Ezekiel Akpu-nku from Nigeria as a human toy.

The fake news report reads:

"Last year I took Sky on a hunting safari to Africa and he was delighted by the African people. How funny they were, how they were always smiling and so eager to please. At first he just wanted to take one, but I told him kidnapping was illegal. So instead, I bought him one.

Since slavery and human trafficking are illegal, Turnquist gave Ezekiel a five year employment contract that pays $1,000 per year plus room/board, one day off per month and unlimited snacks. Ezekiel's contract states that he must do whatever Skyler tells him to do so long as it is not illegal.

"This one time I made him stand on one foot for the entire day," Skyler Turnquist said. "I also made him eat a spider. He does whatever I say. He's the best toy ever."

"I'm very happy to be Skyler's toy, " Akpu-nku said. "In Africa I was starving, here, in the land of opportunity, my belly never go hungry."

The news sparked outrage as news websites and social media users believed the story to be true.