UK fans of hit animated series Rick and Morty had been wondering how they'd be able to watch the anticipated third season once it returns (after the first episode was released in April) for a full run on 30 July.

They need wonder no longer, as Netflix UK has confirmed it will add each episode as it airs on Adult Swim, Cartoon Network's adult programming block in the US. The previous two seasons are already available through the streaming service.

So UK viewers will be able to stay up to date as upcoming episodes Rickmancing the Stone, Pickle Rick and Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender air over the next few weeks.

Netflix confirmed the news to The Independent.

Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the very adult science fiction series is about the weird adventures an alcoholic scientific genius (Rick Sanchez) goes on with his naive, wimpy grandson (Morty Smith) and his family.

Fans waited for well over a year to see how season two's cliffhanger would be resolved, and were surprised on 1 April (April Fools Day to further confuse people) when Adult Swim offered up a brand new episode - The Rickshank Rickdemption - online.

The upcoming season promises to be the darkest and weirdest yet, particularly after the conclusion of April's surprise episode. In a recent trailer (embedded below) Rick also promises as much.

"Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures," he says, before a voice-over adds at the end of the trailer: "Only a show this smart could be this stupid."

Nine more episodes of season three will air from 30 July, with the finale set to air on 8 October.