Michael Fassbender in Prometheus

Last week 20th Century Fox released a ton of upcoming release dates. Among them were X-Men sequels, a Fantastic Four sequel and an 'Untitled Ridley Scott Project' set for 4 March 2016.

As many suspected, the project is Prometheus 2, the sequel to Sir Ridley Scott's Alien prequel.

In 2012 Prometheus was a big box office success but suffered middling to poor reviews thanks in no small part to the revised script of Lost alumni Damon Lindeloff.

His critics (and there are quite a few) will be relieved to know that Lindeloff won't be returning for the sequel. Instead Michael Green has been brought, whose credits include TV series Heroes and monumental blockbuster flop Green Lantern.

Green will work on the script of Jack Paglen, whose most recent work Transcendence hits cinemas later this year. Green also recently worked with Scott on a sequel to the director's seminal 80s sci-fi Blade Runner.

The Wrap report that production is to begin later this year, as soon as post-production is completed on Scott's biblical epic Exodus.

The previous film's stars and only survivors Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are expected to return, with The Wrap speculating that there may be multiple versions of Fassbender's android character David involved in the film.

Green's script is also described as "more Alien-y" than its predecessor, which saved its Alien DNA for the final few frames.

Variety confirmed the addition of a new writer but state that it is still unclear whether Scott will return as director. They are also sceptical of the date as well.