After five days of non-stop partying, Rio de Janeiro's Carnival came to a splashing end at the annual Gay Gala on Tuesday 17 February.

Hordes of tourists and local partygoers were led by a gaggle of drag queens and queer folk to the downtown Rio Scala night club for one last bash to officially close out Carnival 2015.

The Gay Gala has become a staple of Rio's Carnival and attracts all kinds of LGBT revellers.

"We are here because we want to have a great time and we're enjoying ourselves here in Brazil, Rio. It's a great party, the biggest party on the planet and we're so happy to be here and hope everyone else enjoys themselves," Kelekolio said.

"This is the biggest party ever. This is better than Burning Man. This is the best party I've ever been to. Rio is the best city on Earth," Aroncander said.

Partygoers here were prepared to dance well into the night to take advantage of one last hurrah before the city returns to work on Wednesday morning.

A local drag queen performer who goes by the name Iven said she and her friends always look forward to the Gay Gala at the Rio Scala club.

Carnival started on 13 February and officially ended on 17 February with the start of Ash Wednesday which brings in the Lent season.