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A man has been put behind bars after choosing a betting shop he frequented to try and steal some cash - only to be recognised by the women who worked there. Lee Doran, 42, was given an extended sentence for attempted robbery, possession of a knife and breaching a criminal behaviour order.

A court heard how Doran had entered the Betfred in the Liverpool suburb of Walton in a mask and grabbed Abbey Jones, who was putting up posters in the window. He threatened her with a 12-inch knife and demanded she hand over any money.

But he was soon recognised by Helen Kinnish who told him to take his mask off. Prosecuting, Robert Jones told the court that Doran had taken off his mask and said "I'm only messing" before he fled the area.

The two women working weren't the only one's to recognise Doran, another customer saw him as he fled.

Doran has had a few brushes with the law before: 76 convictions for 130 offences, Jones told the court, the Liverpool Echo reported.

The hapless criminal was tracked by police a few weeks after the betting shop robbery and admitted to the incident.

Doran's defence said that he apologised to the two women and was "ashamed at his behaviour", adding that he was struggling with addiction. He had also witnessed the violent death of a friend in late 2016, Doran's defence claimed.

Judge Robert Warnock decided that Doran was still a dangerous offender, saying he had a "profoundly aggressive criminal record".

"In short you are apparently addicted to alcohol and drugs and you think nothing at all of using violence and dishonesty to feed those addictions," Warnock said.

Doran was sentenced to five years in prison with three years on license.