The son of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has been accused of pushing a waitress to the floor and causing her to miscarry as he fled a hotel following his mother Grace's alleged attack on a model.

Robert Mugabe Jr was running through a restaurant in a Sandton hotel in South Africa when he "shoved" the pregnant serving waitress to the ground, witnesses have claimed. The woman was taken to hospital but her baby died.

The incident came after first lady Grace Mugabe allegedly assaulted model Gabriella Engels with an extension chord. Grace reportedly battered 20-year-old Engels after she visited Mugabe Jr at the luxury Johannesburg hotel.

"She was not hit by Grace. It was Robert Jr who pushed her out of the way as he ran away from his mother," a witness told the South African Times. "Grace did hit staff members... She was hitting everyone, her sons, their friends, the girls and staff members."

After a diplomatic standoff that included blocking of airspace, Grace is now back in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe's ZBC state broadcaster said: "President Robert Mugabe, accompanied by the first lady, arrived [at Harare] on board an Air Zimbabwe flight early on Sunday morning."

Speaking about the incident, Engels told the BBC: "She [Grace] cornered me and started beating the hell out of me. I had to roll myself down to get away from her. That's when she hit me with the plug and the extension chord."

Photos show wounds on her scalp as well as a triangular one on her forehead. Blood was running down her head and neck in the attack, which she thought might cost her her life.

"I was thinking 'I have to get out of this room before this woman kills me'... We were begging her to stop but she didn't."

Gabriella Engels
Gabriella Engels appears at a press conference wearing a dressing over an injury she says was caused by Grace Mugabe Reuters