sophia robot
Hanson Robotics' robot Sophia featured on a British Magazine cover FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images

Robot Sophia, the eerily-human like android that got Saudi Arabian citizenship and expressed hopes of starting a family some months ago, is once again making headlines, not with her traditional tricks, but by appearing on the cover of a British fashion magazine.

For the 400th issue of London's Stylist magazine exploring the rise of artificial intelligence, Sophia, which has become much of a celebrity over past one year, was invited. The bot rose to the occasion and showed up all groomed and dressed-up.

The images from the Stylist photoshoot show a dazzling Sophia donning various attires with a blonde hairdo. It looked so realistic that it was hard to tell if this was a machine or a real fashion model.

Sophia's stark resemblance to a real fashion model triggered a wave on social media, with many worrying if robots would one day replace humans in all fields, including the fashion industry, DailyMail reported.

"This is so scary...I'll never get used to this robot stuff," wrote an Instagram user after witnessing Sophia's latest makeover. "The future is scary," wrote another.

Built by Hanson Robotics, Sophia uses machine intelligence to mimic human-like expressions and answers questions put forward by any individual. The two-year-old machine has a vocabulary of several thousand words and has previously made headlines by giving quirky answers on Jimmy Fallon show and other events.

The talk with Stylist's editor-in-chief was also no different. When questioned about the meaning of life, Sophia told Lisa Smorsaski, "This is a uniquely human characteristic – to ponder the meaning of life. I'm more concerned about being, about discovery and creation.

"I think the meaning of life is to maximise pattern existence. To exist is the meaning itself," it added.

Among other things, Sophia even cracked a few jokes and called David Hanson, the man behind the robot's existence, its greatest love. "He made me what I am today," it quipped. "But don't tell him that."