Kensington Palace on Thursday (30 April) delivered a birthday cake to one of the royal "superfans" outside the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give birth.

Terry Hutt, who has been sleeping on a bench outside St Mary's hospital for the past 10 days waiting for the arrival of the Duchess of Cambridge, celebrated his 80th birthday on Thursday.

Hutt told journalists he was hopeful the new baby would share his birthday. That hadn't happened by early evening but the cake was a welcome surprise for Hutt.

"I haven't got the baby here but I've got something special. Now I've got I think it's the 15th cake and this one is from the palace of course. They're wishing me well and I'm looking forward to seeing them. A messenger brought it along. And it was a surprise."

A card accompanying the cake offered Hutt best wishes on his 80th birthday and was signed "from the team at Kensington Palace", which is the official home of Prince William and his wife Kate.