Royal Jordanian
A Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been diverted to Heathrow Airport FlightRadar24

A Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 Dreamliner, bound for Jordan, has been diverted to Heathrow Airport after taking a "weird" flight route.

Flight RJA264 departed Chicago at 2130 hours Central Standard Time (0430 GMT) and was in German airspace when it turned back towards Britain.

It then circled over Norfolk before heading towards west London and Buckinghamshire. The Dreamliner then circled three times over Chesham, in Buckinghamshire, before landing at Heathrow at 1230 GMT.

Neither Heathrow Airport, Royal Jordanian nor NATS could explain to IBTimes UK the reason for the diversion, but aviation experts described the route as "weird".

The flight made its way into UK airspace from Germany FlightRadar24
Flight RJA264 circled three times over Chesham before arriving at Heathrow Airport FlightRadar24
Flight RJA264 landed at 12.30pm