Ciaran Maxwell
Royal Marine Ciaran Maxwell was arrested in Somerset last week and has been charged with terror offences Facebook

Royal Marine Ciaran Maxwell has been charged with terror offences, and will appear in court in London. Maxwell, 30, from Larne, County Antrim, was arrested in Somerset last Wednesday (24 August) after searches in Larne and Devon.

He has been charged with one terrorism offence, one possession of cannabis offence and one fraud offence.

He is accused of manufacturing explosives, making devices and storing them in barrels in hides in England and Northern Ireland.

The raid is believed to be linked to the discovery of two hidden arsenals in woods in County Antrim earlier in the year, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

Maxwell was transferred from Somerset Police custody to a police station in London last Thursday, and questioned on suspicion of being involved in preparation for acts of terrorism.

Larne terror arrest Ciaran Maxwell
Police forensic officers carry evidence from a house in Larne, Co Antrim, in connection with the arrest of a British soldier in England on suspicion of terror offences PAUL FAITH/AFP/Getty Images