The Fab Four's split might have been the talk of the nation throughout 2019, but the Cambridges ended the decade with a message of unity. On the last day of the decade, the Kensington Royal's Instagram page shared a video early in the day. The video of "2019 in review" shared snippets of the important events and moments the Cambridges were a part of in 2019. As a show of unity, the video included significant moments shared with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as well as Archie's photocall.

The tension between Princes William and Harry have been high since William was rumoured to have not supported Harry's decision to marry Meghan. 2019 was a year where the close-knit siblings drifted far apart.

Amidst rumours that Kate and Meghan were not getting along, the Sussexes left their Kensington home. The split household was not the end of the Sussexes' split from the Cambridges. The joint Royal Foundation Charity, which Meghan joined after the marriage, saw the formal exclusion of the Sussexes. The Sussexes were also notably absent from family holiday gatherings. Arrangements were made for the Cambridges to stay in separate living quarters during their Balmoral palace visit, which the Sussexes did not show up for. Meghan and Harry even chose to spend Archie's first Christmas away from the Royal Family.

royal christmas
Kate and William included the Sussexes in their year review video. Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Even though Meghan and Kate were seen together at Wimbledon, the royal split has been a talking point. The Daily Mail pointed out that in November, Meghan and Harry spoke about the problems they were facing adjusting to royal life. Harry also did not deny the rift with William.

However, in a heart-warming gesture, the Cambridges did not exclude the Sussexes from their year review.

Among the snippets, like the Cambridge's visit to Pakistan and Kate's RHS Back to Nature gardens project, were moments spent with the Sussexes. Not only did the video share the times Kate, Meghan, Harry, and William were seen together in the year, it also had the snippet of Archie during his photocall.

That important moment in the Sussexes' year was one that Kate and William did not attend. It was also the only event featured in the video which neither Kensington Royal was a part of. The video, which had been viewed more than two million times, might hint at a more harmonious year for the royal siblings.