South Africa captain Jean De Villiers said the team needed to put the shock Rugby World Cup defeat to Japan behind them when they face Samoa on 26 September.

He said: "Like I answered it now, it's those challenges that make sport so interesting, it's those challenges that keeps people watching the game and watching sport 'cause you never know what can happen.

"You know at the end of the day, Rugby is a game that we all wanna, we want it to be a global game, we want it to be a global game, we want the whole to play it and we want everyone to get better. You just don't wanna be that team that gets beaten by one of those teams coming through and unfortunately we were so we need to take it in, we need to take on the chin and we need to rectify it tomorrow.

The Springboks skipper denied there was a rebellion by players to his captaincy or to the coach. He said: "A lot of speculation comes with a loss like this and I suppose a lot of people would want to find fault in the way that we do things, try and sort of break the team and see if we can you know, get things that can upset the team even more. I think for us as a group it's sticking together, and sticking with each other and not pointing fingers at all."