A powerful typhoon names Hagibis is all set to hit Japan on Saturday. The typhoon has already changed its course and is now due to hit further north on Honshu island. As a result, both the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix and England's final Rugby World Cup group game might get affected.

As per reports, Ireland's match against Samoa that is due on Saturday will not get hampered due to the storm. However, among the other games, Scotland's encounter with Japan in Yokohama and Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix can get a massive hit because of the typhoon.

Significantly, Honshu island is Japan's main island, which has both the Suzuka F1 circuit as well as the Yokohama stadium. As BBC reports, October is naturally a typhoon season in Japan. The Rugby World Cup organisers claim to have a contingency plan in place to fight any adverse effects of the storm. However, according to the rulebook, any match at the World Cup that gets abandoned due to bad weather are considered to be goalless draws.

Both Scotland and Ireland will need to win their respective games to make it to the last eight. In such a situation, if the weather affects their respective games, these European teams won't stand a chance as far as the points table is concerned. On the other hand, England has already qualified for the quarter-finals. They only need to beat France to finish on top of the group C points table.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Logo
Rugby World Cup 2019 Logo

Thousands of visitors have travelled to the Land of the Rising Sun to witness thrilling encounters in the ongoing Rugby World Cup. This year's competition is the first one to have ever been held on Asian soil. With the occasion of the F1 event on the horizon, more visitors are in Japan to see their favourite drivers on track. The threat of typhoon Hagibis is becoming more prominent. Consequently, sports enthusiasts are getting disheartened.

Last Monday, Hagibis quickly transformed into a violent typhoon. The speed of its intense transformation could possibly make it into the record books. Experts claim that it has already reached the stage of a category 5 hurricane. With such an intense storm waiting to hit the shores of Japan, any sporting event is unlikely to happen.