Russell Brand
Russell Brand has opened the doors of his $3.4 million mansion.

He is known for being down to earth and carefree and now Russell Brand can add generous to his list of attributes.

The 38-year-old British comedian has reportedly opened his LA mansion to his homeless friends while he spends more time with girlfriend Jemima Khan in London.

Homeless friends are said to have been bowled over by his kindness and have been lapping up their luxurious new surroundings.

"It's keeping a roof over their heads, and they're good people who don't bother anyone so he doesn't see the harm," a source told the Daily Star.

''They just chill out and watch TV in the home cinema, or relax by the pool overlooking LA.

''They're never seen anything like it in their lives. They're in awe of Russell and his generosity.''

He is making sure, however, that things do not get out of hand and cause problems for celebrity neighbours Jennifer Aniston and Keanu Reeves.

''Russell knows having his pals unsupervised would be pushing his luck, and probably his neighbours' patience," the insider added.

''So he's got a friend of his from the charity he runs to stay over with them and make sure everything's in order. It's been working out fine.''