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Russell Brand performs his Messiah Complex show at Brixton Academy in London Reuters

An RBS employee has accused comedian turned political activist Russell Brand of acting like a "school bully" following his protest outside the bank.

In an open letter to the entertainer, a man who goes by the name of Jo said that Brand ruined his lunch with "the puerile self-aggrandising antics of a prancing multimillionaire".

Jo has had widespread support from his readers who agree that Brand has shown hypocrisy over his tax affairs and that "admittedly fairly well-paid" but "ordinary" people had to wait outside their place of work in freezing conditions on their lunch breaks while Brand confronted people over their salaries.

RBS security had been forced to lock-up after Brand waltzed in with a camera crew, demanding answers regarding the shamed former CEO Fred Goodwin.

Jo writes: "Instead of doing something potentially educational, Russell, you staged a completely futile publicity stunt. You turned up and weren't allowed in. Big wow. You know what would have happened if a rabid capitalist had just turned up unannounced? They wouldn't have been allowed in either. You know what I have in my pocket? A security pass. Unauthorised people aren't allowed in. Obviously. That's not a global conspiracy, Russell; it's basic security.

"When you accosted me, you started speaking to me with your nose about two inches from mine. That's pretty f*cking aggressive, Russell.

"I can honestly say that the only other people ever to talk to me the way you did were school bullies."

In conclusion, Jo writes that ultimately bankers would not have been affected by his demonstration "because you got the wrong f*cking building.

"If you had any self-awareness beyond agonising over how often to straighten your fucking chest-hair, you'd be ashamed."

Jo's readers have been supportive of the blogger, with comments left on his page: "Such a coherent post. [Quite] frankly Russell Brand has become a parody of himself, jumping on any bandwagon that will get him air time."