A video has emerged showing the moment a Russian bear goes berserk after being run over by a 4x4 vehicle.

The dashcam footage, captured by a second car near the scene, shows the brown bear trapped underneath the wheels of a 4x4. The animal struggles underneath the vehicle for a few minutes before it finally manages to wriggle free.

The bear then goes into a frenzy, attacking the tyres of the 4x4, before charging towards the car filming the incident. Reversing away from the oncoming beast, the two males and one female inside the car can be heard screaming as the bear chases after them.

The footage does not make clear how the 4x4 ran over the bear, or if there were any people inside the vehicle still when the animal escaped.

Russian police are looking into the incident and will make a decision shortly whether to launch a criminal animal cruelty case, according to reports.