In central Russia's Sverdlovsk region, a group of women have set up what is thought to be the country's first women's hunting club. They've called it, "Lady Ga-Ga-Ga" and they are celebrating their one year anniversary with a glamorous photoshoot. Their membership has grown to over a hundred in the last year and they've also started publishing their own magazine.

"We've heard that there are similar women's clubs in Europe and women there are doing the same [hunting] and no one finds it weird. So we've also decided to try it out and got a very positive response from women," explains Natalia Ivanina, founder of the club.

All members take their hobby seriously and frown upon those who don't.

"When I got more involved with this process, I've realised that hunting is not just about wandering around the forest, that it's actually a serious science. So I started studying special literature on this profession," says Anastasia Karamysheva, who was one of the first to join the club.

They go hunting regularly in their forest outings and state that all game they shoot they will later eat. So far the dogs have only caught birds but there is hope more will be added to the menu.

"We hope to hunt bigger game now when there is snow. It will be interesting to go on a group hunting and hunt a roe or even a wild boar," adds Anastasia.

Hunting remains a predominantly male pastime for the majority of Russians. But as this club proves, women in the country are up for the hunt just as much as men.