Sam Faiers has reflected on the night she was attacked by a vicious mob of girls saying "they only stopped when they thought I was dead."

The Towie two have spoken out about the appalling display of British youth at its worst likening the attackers to "a herd of elephants."

Billie Faiers relived the first attack, where she was targeted for her £1,500 Mulberry handbag and her mobile phone.

She said: "I was surrounded by at least ten girls on the dance floor. Sam was nearby. Then, in a split second, I'm on the ground and there is blood coming out of my leg.

"I had been hit with a glass or a bottle.

"I was in shock. They were calling me a slag. I kept screaming, 'Why, why', but they wouldn't stop.

"They were punching me and hitting me with their high heels when I was on the ground. They pulled my hair and dragged me along the street."

The couple were helped by a stranger in the form of Leanna Belle, 27 who thought it was disgusting that nobody were helping the pair saying: "I threw them off and tried to get back Billie's phone. It was just appalling."

A taxi was hailed for the girls and they were driven to a friend's home in Chigwell, Essex. Whilst diving, Sam received a phone call from Billie's mobile, which was stolen less than 30 minutes before.

The scheming girl lured Sam to Repton Park which is a luxurious gated estate in Essex.

The girl agreed to give back their stolen items if Sam met them at the isolated location.

On arrival, up to ten girls swarmed the model and Towie favourite: "Within seconds of getting out of the cab I saw at least nine girls running towards me across the grass.

"It was the same girls but they had changed into tracksuits and trainers - I can only assume to make sure they could run faster than me.

"I was smashed to the ground and just beaten. I was punched in the face and kicked in the head.

"I don't know what was happening to anyone else but I just remember hearing the cab driver screaming for them to stop. I passed out. I can't remember anything.

"I've been told one girl started screaming. She though they had killed me because I wasn't moving."

The attackers fled the scene thinking they had committed a murder.

An ambulance for the battered star arrived which took her to Whipps Cross Hospital in east London where she was given an emergency brain scan.

The Towie star was given the all clear, but still has reminders of that night in the visible injuries on her face and body. She is required to wear a neck brace has bruised ribs, her back is scratched as if mauled by a dog and both her eyes were blackened.

Twitter has been alive with love for the star with Amy Childs saying: "What can I say,, so many jelous girls out there . Sam and billie I love you so much xxxxx." James 'Arg' Argent also tweeted: Have spoken to @SamanthaFaiers and thank God she said she'll be ok! Prayers are with @BillieFaiers aswell. Love them both so much x"