Samsung has won a patent dispute with Apple in Japan as the judge ruled that the former's smartphones and tablets have not infringed on any of the latter's patents. The dispute was relating to the transferring of music and video content between devices.

Here's what Tsuyoshi Uchida, researcher at the Institute of Intellectual property, said that Apple's wave of accusations against Samsung throughout the world are a deliberate attempt to damage the South Korean company's reputation:

"By suing Samsung, presenting the evidence and letting the media in on this, Apple wants to spread the impression that Samsung is a copy-cat and just that alone is advantageous for Apple."

The victory for Samsung in Japan comes a week after the company lost their patent dispute with Apple in America, resulting in them having to pay over $1bn in damages. Apple is now seeking the ban of eight Samsung smartphones in the US market, and on the 6 December will plea in the same San Diego court for an injunction against the phones. Samsung have said they will continue to fight against the American tech giant and that they will appeal the ruling.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner