Scandal season 7
Kerry Washington plays the lead protagonist in the hit political drama Scandal ABC

Fans are preparing to say goodbye to one of its most popular drama that has ruled Thursday nights on ABC for six successful seasons. Show creator Shonda Rhimes has announced that Scandal will be cancelled after season 7. The show is currently running the sixth season, with finale on Thursday, 18 May.

For six years, Olivia Pope and her gladiators have ruled fans' heart for their command over the tricky issues in and outside of the White House. The ABC network head has come forward to disclose the real reason why the show creator wanted to end the show, which garnered high viewership numbers for the network.

"I had conversations with Shonda Rhimes where she has had, for a while, a sense of how she wanted the story to end. She said, 'Look, I really feel like season 7 is where I want to wrap up this story, because I always prefer to end a show where you're feeling on top as opposed to letting things fizzle out,'" Channing Dungey, the president of ABC Entertainment, said in a statement.

The show, however, has one more season left and considering Rhimes' ability to spin twists, fans can expect high drama in season 7 of the series as Dungey teases the show creator's plans to end the series with a bang. "I do think that audiences, especially fans and Gladiators, who are as loyal to Scandal as they've been, are going to want the story to end in the way that Shonda intended to. That was a decision she felt really good about and we support wholeheartedly," she said.

Season 6 will air its two-hour long final episode on 18 May consisting of two back to back episodes titled as Tick, Tock and Transfer of Power. According to the synopsis, Mellie Grant prepares to be sworn in as the first female President of the United States, but nothing goes without a drama in Shondaland.

Fans can expect huge twists as Liv has taken "a big risk to ensure Mellie's safety." Fitz, on the other hand, will use his powers as Potus for one last time before transferring the powers.

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