Scandal season 6
Olivia Pope is caught in between papa Pope and Fitz in Scandal season 6 ABC

The battle for the Oval office is heating up in Scandal season 6 and it seems Olivia Pope, Fitz Thomas Grant, Jake Ballard and Mellie Grant are having a tough time post the blood stained presidential election. But it is not just the power game that is threatening the White House, in episode 13 the future of the United States hangs in balance.

The upcoming episode is set to strain Rowan Pope's relationship with his daughter and Fitz. A promo released by ABC reveals the mystery person who threatens to detonate nine bombs he planted in undisclosed places. "I'll detonate the bombs until my president is released," says the man on the other side of the call.

Fitz, who is fed up with the regular antics by Rowan, thinks Papa Pope is working with the deadly gang who is blackmailing the Oval. "You are working with them," an enraged Fitz accuses Rowan. But it appears the plot is way thicker than Liv thought it is.

In another clip, the crisis manager is nearly devastated as the person says: "One down miss Pope, eight to go," hinting that he detonated one bomb. The synopsis of the upcoming episode hints at a thrilling adventure for the characters as it reads: "The future of the country hangs in the balance, Olivia and Fitz are at odds with Rowan, and Jake employs surprising tactics to manipulate the Mystery Woman."

It remains to be seen how Liv will work with Rowan and Fitz to find the mystery killers.

The relationship between Rowan and Fitz is largely spoiled due to Olivia as both the men love her but it also led to a major spat between them.

In episode 12 that aired on Thursday 27 April, Rowan interrupted an important meeting between Olivia & Co and literally called out everyone for their inefficiency in crisis management and during his outburst he called his only daughter, a stripper.

Joe Morton, who plays Rowan, told TV Line that Papa Pope does love his daughter Liv but he certainly disapproves of her relationship with Fitz.

"She will always be the treasure of his life, the thing he will spend every ounce of his strength protecting. But that doesn't mean he has to abide by or agree with her behaviour, especially where it has to do with Fitz. He thinks Fitz is weak and cheap and spoiled, and he thinks that being with Fitz isn't a smart thing to do on any number of levels," he told TV Line.

Scandal season 6 returns with episode 13 titled The Box on Thursday 4 May 2017 on ABC.