Scandal Season 3, Episode 13
Scandal Season 3, Episode 13 gets darker and deadlier than ever. Scandal/Facebook

The 'OMG' moment finally arrives in ABC's Scandal Season 3 Episode 13 when the favourite characters of the tele-series turn into murderers. The shocking and deadly end of the Scandal's No Sun on the Horizon episode has since kept its viewers in cliff-hanger.

Vice president Sally (Kate Burton) was almost there to confess her husband Daniel's murder during a live TV debate and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and Mellie (Bellamy Young) helped her cover up the truth. The episode also revealed that all the presidential candidates are in fact murderers!

Meanwhile, Jake recruits Tom to kill Sally if she reveals truth, but it was Fitz who interrupts (as requested by Olivia) just on time to save her from the assassin.

Olivia once again dumps Jake after their brief night in bed and Quinn provokes Jake not to trust Olivia's words.

The last few shocking minutes of Scandal were probably by far the best as it reveals the real murderer.

Cyrus discovers that it was his husband James who planted the bug in his office and doubts him as 'Publius' but instead of yelling at him, Cyrus apologises.

"I did this, I used you. You were right to lie to me, to be angry" says an emotional Cyrus to James. "I need to tell you I love you because you're about to die."

Unknown of the deadly trap, James meets David, White House reporter Vanessa and the NSA lady who leaked the tape.

Soon all four realises that they were duped for the rendezvous and suddenly a shadow starts firing at the ladies taking them down dead and bleeding.

Before Jake and David could take a moment, the shadow appears and it was Jake, the 'Publius' who then points his gun towards them and fires a shot while the screen goes blank and leaving the viewers guessing.

So who was shot? Can the Episode 14 be more deadly than this? The best guess of course is it is James from what can be predicted from Cyrus' earlier apology.

But as creator Shonda Rhimes loves to keep her viewers guessing, there is another possibility of neither of them dies but seriously injured to continue the scandalous next episode, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Stay tuned till Next Thursday episode of the season three of Scandal and have a sneak peak of the Scandal Season 3, Episode 14 promo here.